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  • Troubleshooting

    Possible causes and solutions to most common problems found in pump installation and operations.


    Possible Causes


    Pump fails to start

    Power Failure

    Check power connection

    Voltage drop

    Correct the voltage rating or

    use extension cable that meets the standard

    Blown fuse

    Check the circuit and replace fuse

    Open circuit or faulty electrical connection

    Correct wiring connection

    Impeller is caught by foreign substance

    Inspect the pump and remove foreign substance

    Motor burn out

    Replace a new motor

    Pump stops during operation

    The protector is actuated

    Inspect the pump and remove foreign substance

    Check water level

    Lower the water temperature if it is too high

    Motor is burnt

    Replace a new motor

    Poor performance

    High delivery head

    Lower the head

    Impeller jammed

    Remove foreign objects, and clean impeller and casing

    Discharge hose is clogged

    Remove foreign substance, keep the hose straight.

    Strainer is clogged

    Remove foreign substance

    Impeller worn out

    Replace impeller

    Excessive operating noise

    The bearing of the motor may be damaged or the impeller is damaged

    Repair or replace