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Mar. 27, 2020Case Study

Pumping Wastewater in Dusseldorf

PRORIL GOMAX 475 submersible sewage pumps are suitable for pumping waste water.

Mar. 20, 2020Case Study

Pumping In Farm Irrigation System

The user required a water supply from a stream which is located down at the base of a hill for their irrigation system.

Mar. 13, 2020Case Study

Wastewater Application In A Power Plant

Our Distributor Replaced a 22kW Vertical Long Shaft Submersible Pump to a 11kW PRORIL TANK 4110 in a Wastewater Plant.

Feb. 20, 2020Case Study

Keeping the 'Kaiserschleusse' Dry with PRORIL Dewatering Pumps

A good example of two PRORIL TANK 6110 pumps in a construction project.

Dec. 02, 2019Case Study

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) For New Pipe Installation in New Zealand

Bentonite Pumping In Civil Construction

Jul. 19, 2019Case Study

Basin Dewatering Application in Concrete Factory

PRORIL's versatile dewatering pumps prove themselves in a demanding concrete factory application.

Jul. 12, 2019Case Study

Dewatering Fountain Display Application

PRORIL's dewatering pumps create an impressive fountain display in this domestic application.

Jun. 25, 2019Case Study

Laundry Factory Wastewater System in Bangkok

PRORIL helps resolve costly work stoppages and pump repairs that a laundry factory that was facing due to constant failures with their submersible pump.

Jun. 14, 2019Case Study

Power Station Construction Project in Dubai

As part of a power station project in Dubai, PRORIL's TANK 355 and 422 were deployed in a dewatering solution for the construction of a sea intake structure.