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Mar. 19, 2019News

President's Talk for PRORIL's 40th Anniversary

Time flies. Soon it will be the fourth decade for this company. When our employees mentioned the planning of celebrating forty years, I realized that we have come a long way since our business started in 1979. Recalling from the beginning of the business, there are so many different tasks that needed to be solved every day and all kinds of difficulties were faced. We were so busy in dealing with production and daily affairs. As the company grows, I begin to think about how the company may survive for long term. After forty years, time gave me a good answer, focusing on doing everything right at the moment.

With such belief, I lead the team to where we are today. It is gratifying that PRORIL is now well cared by the new generation for general daily operations. They inherit the professional and trustworthy spirit of PRORIL, and outline a clear vision to lead the team heading to the right direction.

At the same time, PRORIL is on the road of brand development. I am very grateful to have the support of partners for gaining market recognition and sales growth, as well as founding the base for brand development. There are many classic brands with the history of a hundred year in the field of submersible pumps. We hope that the 40-year-old PRORIL can take notes of the outstanding performance from those classic brands and continue to focus on the development of the submersible pump in order to provide better products for meeting customer needs.

Under the conditions of global competition, the challenges ahead will be even more daunting. PRORIL will continue to meet the needs from customers and to contribute what can be helpful to human beings, society and the environment with the spirit of professionalism, trust and enthusiasm. This is also the value that PRORIL exists. We are all looking forward to the next brilliant 40 years.

Yours truly,
Fang Mou, Wu