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Apr. 23, 2019CSR Program

Read the World - A PRORIL CSR Program

PRORIL kicked off the CSR project - Read the World - nearly a year ago and all the construction work will be completed by the end of May this year. The teachers and students of Dapanying Primary School in Liangshan, Sichuan, China, are very much looking forward to the completion of this mini-library on the high mountain where the school is located.

Read the World program aims to provide an independent library space and various books in the local primary school, encouraging students to acquire more knowledge outside the classroom, including international culture, arts, literature, innovation and science. This knowledge will facilitate a smooth transition for students from the local town to live and study in the big cities and enhance their international horizons.

With the assistance of the Hope Wing Foundation, PRORIL was able to participate in supporting this local primary school library program, which also serves as an avenue equipped with audio-visual facilities for activities. This project mobilized local villagers to participate in organizing and repair work. We are also grateful to the many volunteers and friends for their enthusiastic sponsorship of many books, enriching the content of this knowledge trove.

Since 2019, the PRORIL team has also invited distributors from all over the world to join the Read the World CSR program, with hopes that such blissful vision can be launched around the globe. Welcome to join us - Read the World.