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Jul. 05, 2019Product Updates

SMART VOX BASE 400 / 750, 50HP & 60HP Now Available

The SMART VOX BASE utilizes a specialized strainer that enables pumping at water levels as low as 2 millimeters (1/16 inches). The SMART VOX BASE also shares the key features and light-weight design of the SMART VOX series. Developed with portability and ease of maintenance in mind, the SMART VOX series is the choice solution for a variety of applications.

New Features

The shaft-mounted agitator and side discharge design allows for sand and silt-laden water to pass through efficiently.
● The rubber-lined suction stand protects the floor surface from scratches.
● The motor is equipped with a thermal protector to prevent overheating and dry running.
● Multi-directional discharge coupling allows for vertical and horizontal configurations to meet application needs.
● Strainer Interchangeability between SMART VOX BASE and SMART VOX series.


● Dewatering of flat surfaces such as parking lots and swimming pools.
● Manholes and ditches.
● Low water level dewatering.
● Dewatering of water tanks and water storage.
● General residual drainage.