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Mar. 13, 2020Case Study

Wastewater Application In A Power Plant

Efficient Pumping For The Wastewater Plant In Malaysia

PRORIL distributor Amatech Engineering provided a pump solution for a wastewater application in a power plant in Malaysia.



The user was facing difficulties with conducting alignment with the original pump set-up (22kw vertical long shaft submersible pump).  "It requires too much effort and time to keep the shaft in the right operating position." said the user.

The objective is to install a new submersible pump without modifying too much from the existing pump system.





Amatech Engineering provided the TANK 4110 (11kW) as the solution in this requirement. The TANK 4110 efficiently delivered the required flow and head with minimal pipe modifications. It also brought down the power consumption because of replacing the 22kW pump to 11kW pump.



The alignment issue was resolved, and user is satisfied with the new pump's performance and Amatech Engineering's professionalism. The TANK 4110 also helped to reduce operating costs by consuming less power whilst achieving the requirements for this application.




     TANK 4110