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Mar. 20, 2020Case Study

Pumping In Farm Irrigation System

Irrigation System With Inclined Submersible Pump Installation

The user required a water supply from a stream which is located down at the base of a hill for their irrigation system in the farm paddocks in New Zealand. Our NZ distributor Prime Pump adopted an inclined Installation for submersible pump at the bank of the stream to ensure the pumps can be fully immersed in water and operating constantly.




The main challenge was to pump the water up to a hill (50 l/s @15 m per pump set) to their irrigation pump.




Prime Pump's solution was to use 2 units of TITAN 6150L and install them in parallel into the main pipe to generate enough volume for irrigation pump; with a 4-pole and high-volume impeller design within the TITAN 6150L, it is ensured to carry the volume as per user's need.



TITAN 6150L successfully delivered the requirement for the application.



     New Zealand



     TITAN 6150L