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Oct. 30, 2020Case Study

Sump Pumping with PRORIL's Cutter Pump

GOCUT pump used in Te Puke in the Bay of Plenty region

On a site in the Te Puke in the Bay of Plenty region in New Zealand, our NZ distributor Prime Pumps was able to provide a suitable pump recommendation for a successful operation. The project was for the installation of a new pipeline to supply clean water to residents in Papamoa, the route of the pipeline runs through a swamp which has a very high water table so dewatering is paramount.




Blocking up due to small sticks and timber. In this particular area we had a huge amount of fine twigs, sticks, organic material that was clogging up standard suction strainers. This would restrict water from being pumped out and the excavation would eventually fill with water.




Prime Pump’s solution was to use 1 unit of GOCUT 322 to remove sump as other submersible pumps were not able to. The GOCUT 322 pump was able to cut up the small organic materials that blocked the other pumps. Installing the GOCUT 322 allowed the fine twigs, sticks, and organic material to be cut up and pumped out by the pump. The pump ran for about 6 weeks with no issues at all and kept the water levels down so the pipe could be installed on schedule.



GOCUT 322 was successful in delivering for this application.



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