Sewage Pumps

Robust design, real quality, excellent for sewage transport applications.

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Cutter Pumps

GOCUT Series, these cutter pumps are designed for handling raw sewage and for various wastewater treatments. The cutting mechanism consists of a chopper plate and a tungsten carbide alloy tipped onto each vane of the semi-open channel impeller. The device shreds fibrous materials into small pieces to prevent from clogging.

Drainage Pumps

GOSPIN Series, the classical drainage pumps with strainer and rigid casting are engineered for various effluent pumping applications in commercial and industrial sectors.

Grinder Pumps

GOBITS Series, these grinder pumps meet the demanding needs of commercial and residential sewage applications. GOBITS series pumps employ a grinding mechanism to effectively grind and transfer solids under high pressure from one place to a higher or a distant place. Ideal for residential and low-pressure sewer applications.

Non-Clog Pumps

GOFLOW Series, these non-clog pumps can handle solids up to 37 mm in diameter without clogging. These pumps are equipped with a semi-open channel impeller, a wide channel for the pump to pass solids from inflow to discharge with minimal blockage.

Single Channel Pumps

GOMAX Series, these non-clog pumps employ a single-channel enclosed impeller to efficiently and reliably transfer 76mm diameter solids without clogging. GOMAX series pumps are suitable for commercial and industrial wastewater applications.

Vortex Pumps

GOVOX Series, these vortex pumps feature a less impeller wear and longer pump life by a vortex flow that allows fibrous materials and solid matters to be pumped out without obstruction.

Vortex & Agitator Pumps

GOVOX-S Series, these vortex pumps are equipped with an agitator, which forcibly agitate the fluid for easy and efficient transmission of sludge, sand, mud, and debris.